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Are You Struggling To Make Time To Work On Your Business?

Look, a couple of days ago we finished a one day training for our million-dollar plumber clients and there was a massive lesson there that was really helpful for you to grow your business, so stay tuned.

Now if you’re like a lot of the plumbers and tradies that we work with, you’ll be flat-out busy and from time to time you are going to struggle to actually make the changes you want to in your business because you just don’t have enough time.

Want to get More Customers from your Website?

Look, if you’ve got a website and it’s not working like you want–maybe it’s getting less than 5 or 10 leads a month or if you’re thinking of building a website, I’m going to give you the #1 strategy you’ve got to get right. So stay tuned because this will be super helpful.

If you want to crush it with your online marketing and have a website that gets you 20, 30, 40 leads a month, having a direct and powerful call-to-action is the #1 strategy you’ve got to get right.

5 Tips for Marketing – Tip Sheet

Do you rely on ‘word of mouth’ to keep the guys are busy and some weeks you’re not sure where your next job is going to come from? Or are you busy but you wish you had more high end jobs that you could make more profit from?

Download this FREE Cheat Sheet and learn 5 quick tips for Marketing your Plumbing Company and Generate Profitable Leads.

5 Tips to Hiring – Tip Sheet

Are you struggling to hire decent tradesmen or admin support? Do you just ‘wing’ the hiring process and end up hiring ‘the best of a bad bunch’ because you want someone quickly?

Download this FREE Cheat Sheet and learn the 5 tips to Hire the Best Plumbers.

Know How Much You Can Afford To Pay Staff

Hi, guys, I want to share with you today a nugget about figuring out how much you should pay staff. So stay tuned. I’ve talked with some clients recently who are uncertain about what they should pay new staff and concerned that they were going to be paying them too much. I know they did pay them well to get them, but hey, how much is too much?

The Pricing Mistake 93% Of Tradies Make

All right, back costing. Big topic, number one priority for you to get a handle on
in your plumbing business. So are you keeping track of the projects you do?
I’m not talking about the little projects like the small maintenance jobs.
You should be able to figure those out when you send your invoices out and make
sure that the margin is okay. But do you have a process for checking the jobs,
the larger jobs, to see if they’re coming in on budget and on time?

Too Busy? It’s A Question Of Priorities

If you find yourself saying, “Hey, I’m too busy. I don’t have time,” think about how that language affects you. If it makes you feel out of control, a bit anxious, a bit stressed, that doesn’t actually help you get the job done. Look, the reality is: we’ve all got 24 hours a day in which to get the job done. Some of us are just using it better than others. Bill Gates has a bigger hourly rate compared to you and I. It’s really a question of choice.