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Chaos in Your Office? Four Ways to Get Your Office Under Control in 2017.

Hey Guys, Tony from Profitable Tradie here.

Does your office feel chaotic?

Invoices piling up?

Do you have Slow paying clients?

A pile of quotes?

Or are you reliant on one or two key people who if they moved on would cause you major headaches?

If this is you then stay tuned, I’ve got 4 super helpful steps that’s going to help you get your office under control.

Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

Hey guys Tony from Profitable Tradie. If you are wondering about your website, you have heard and all this talk about making sure that it is mobile responsive, then this quick blog is going to be super helpful, so stay tuned.

So, the world of internet marketing and websites and marketing in general is a brave new world, it is really changing quickly and that is mainly because of the mobile platform.

Now 50% or more of traffic is viewed on mobile sites these days and it is increasing all the time. So, it is absolutely critical that your website is mobile responsive.

Sick Of Bad Cash Flow Over The Christmas Period?

Hi guys, Tony from Profitable Tradie here. Hey look, do you find you are flat out busy now in December heading up towards Christmas but you are actually worried that your cash flow and how it is going to pan out over the January and February period. Stay tuned, I have got something that is going to be super helpful with that.

Look guys I know that everyone is flat out during December trying to cram in all the jobs you can before Christmas, clients screaming at you to get things done.

So often you are not thinking about how things are going to pan out in January and February in terms of your cash flow. But if you think back to last year or maybe the year before you will remember that January and February can actually get a bit tight with the cash flow.

Are You Paying Enough To Get Good Tradesmen?

I want to talk about hiring today and one of the key reasons why you might actually be struggling to hire.

So are you like a lot of Plumbers and Electricians out there who are desperate to hire some good tradespeople but you are just finding it hard to get the right people?

Well I am going to start with a story actually, it’s about the property market and an experience that my wife Bronwyn and I have had over the last, sort of, 12-18 months…

Are You Pricing To Make Profit, Or Just To Win The Work?

I’ve got a question for you; are you pricing to win work, or you are pricing to make money?

I am going to kick off with a quick story today. Now I met a guy yesterday, a young guy just starting out in business. He has been in business six to twelve months and he was telling me about his pricing strategy. Now this stuff will make your hair curl.

You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know

Hi guys. Have you ever heard the phrase “You don’t know what you don’t know”?

Tony from Profitable Tradie here and I want to tell you a little bit about one of the key lessons I have learned in business, both with our own businesses and coaching plumbers, electricians, drainers and guest fitters for the last eight years. And it is all about not knowing what you don’t know. So stay tuned.

Hi guys do you sometimes look at some of your mates or other businesses in your town or your area that seemed really successful? They seem to grow their business, they seem to make more money, drive a nice car, have good holidays and generally seem a bit more relaxed than you.

And you wonder how they do it. Do you wonder have they got a secret recipe or have they just cooked things up in a different way? And have they read or learned something that you don’t know? Well the answer is pretty simple, the answer is yes. And one of the key things to growing your business is to realise that you don’t actually know what you don’t know.