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How To Create A High Performing Team?

Are you finding that your team are not behaving the way you want, are not performing? Maybe the attitude is not quite what you want it to be. I’m going to share something with you today that will really help.

Now creating a high-performing team is all about getting the right culture. And here’s something people don’t understand about culture. Now most people think that if your guys are happy, you make them happy, look after them well, that’s going to make them productive.

Are You Frustrated With Rework & Call Backs?

Look, do you have lots of reworks and call backs on site, you find that your guys make the same mistakes over and over again and it’s really frustrating and doing your head in?

If that’s the case, then something in this issue today will be super helpful.

Now are you checking your jobs more than you have time for and you just think your guys should be able to remember what you tell them, even though you have told them over and over again and you just can’t seem to?

Are You Relying On Just One Marketing Strategy?

I’m going to share with you today why the number one is the worst number when it comes to marketing your business.

So guys, here’s what I have learnt from experience while coaching hundreds of trade businesses over the last seven and a half years. What I found is that if you don’t have a proactive plan for marketing your business, you’re at the mercy of waiting for the phone to ring or just hoping that the phone rings through referrals and word of mouth.

Are You Struggling To Make Time To Work On Your Business?

Look, a couple of days ago we finished a one day training for our million-dollar plumber clients and there was a massive lesson there that was really helpful for you to grow your business, so stay tuned.

Now if you’re like a lot of the plumbers and tradies that we work with, you’ll be flat-out busy and from time to time you are going to struggle to actually make the changes you want to in your business because you just don’t have enough time.

Want to get More Customers from your Website?

Look, if you’ve got a website and it’s not working like you want–maybe it’s getting less than 5 or 10 leads a month or if you’re thinking of building a website, I’m going to give you the #1 strategy you’ve got to get right. So stay tuned because this will be super helpful.

If you want to crush it with your online marketing and have a website that gets you 20, 30, 40 leads a month, having a direct and powerful call-to-action is the #1 strategy you’ve got to get right.

5 Tips for Marketing – Tip Sheet

Do you rely on ‘word of mouth’ to keep the guys are busy and some weeks you’re not sure where your next job is going to come from? Or are you busy but you wish you had more high end jobs that you could make more profit from?

Download this FREE Cheat Sheet and learn 5 quick tips for Marketing your Plumbing Company and Generate Profitable Leads.

5 Tips to Hiring – Tip Sheet

Are you struggling to hire decent tradesmen or admin support? Do you just ‘wing’ the hiring process and end up hiring ‘the best of a bad bunch’ because you want someone quickly?

Download this FREE Cheat Sheet and learn the 5 tips to Hire the Best Plumbers.

Profitable Tradie Boot Camp

One Day Event – Profitable Tradie Boot Camp

Date and Time: 2nd September 2016 | 8:30am – 5:00pm

Where: Novotel Auckland Airport, Auckland

Price to Attend: General Admission – $497 + GST | Early Bird – $197 + GST | NZPM & Trade point Members – $297 + GST (Plus bring a team member for FREE) | Profitable Tradie Clients – FREE