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How To Avoid Hiring “MUPPETS”

Look, a big challenge for a bunch of the members of our program and plumbers out there is how to get good guys. How do you know if the guys you’re hiring and you’re looking at are good, trustworthy, reliable or whether they are potentially a muppet or just a bad apple.

Want To Get More Jobs Quickly? The 3 Secrets Of Email Marketing

Look if you’ve got a bit of a lull in your deal flow, or if you want to get some more jobs quickly, then email marketing is a strategy that could really work for you. Now what you need to do is make sure you got a strong customer database, so all the clients you’ve got or the prospects or people you come into contact with, make sure you’ve got their email addresses. Now if you have, you can blast an email out to them using a CRM system really quickly.

Profitable Tradie Boot Camp

One Day Event – Profitable Tradie Boot Camp

Date and Time: 2nd September 2016 | 8:30am – 5:00pm

Where: Novotel Auckland Airport, Auckland

Price to Attend: General Admission – $497 + GST | Early Bird – $197 + GST | NZPM & Trade point Members – $297 + GST (Plus bring a team member for FREE) | Profitable Tradie Clients – FREE