How To Avoid Hiring “MUPPETS”

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Hey guys, Tony from Plumber’s Coach here. If you find hiring staff and knowing whether you’ve made a good decision or not is tough, then stay tuned.

Look, a big challenge for a bunch of the members of our program and plumbers out there is how to get good guys. How do you know if the guys you’re hiring and you’re looking at are good, trustworthy, reliable or whether they are potentially a muppet or just a bad apple.

We’ve got a rock-solid 9-point hiring process that we teach to our members, which helps them weed out the wheat from the chaff, and one of the key points is: reference-checking. So a question for you: when you’re looking to hire at the moment, do you check references? Now, I’ve got to be blunt- if you don’t do it, you’re kind of asking for trouble. You’ve kind of got rocks in your head, to be honest, if you don’t. So you’ve got to do it.

And here’s a few points on how to do reference checking. First thing is: have you got a script? Have you got some questions written down beforehand that you’ve got to work through with the person who is giving the reference to make sure you’ve covered all the bases? There’s not much point in just saying, “Oh, how did you find them?” they could say any old thing. What you really want to do is make sure you’re testing the quality of the reference because not all references are created equal. It’s pretty easy for someone to get a mate to give a reference. So obviously a reference for someone who’s a mate or a coworker doesn’t hold as much weight and is not as good as someone who has been their employer or their boss for several years. Obviously, that’s going to give you a bit of steer for how they roll.

Now you also want to, as I said, be really clear on the quality of the reference, but you want toask specific questions. So things like, “Hey, what’s the one thing that this person struggled with the most?” And that ought to bring out some interesting comments. The last key question that you must ask is, “Hey, on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is never again and 10 is absolutely tomorrow, how likely are you to rehire this person?” Now, if they say 9 or 10, then you’re onto a winner. If they say any less than 6, the person was terrible. 7 or 8, they’re okay. You need to be really careful.

Now, guys, I’ve got a template here that you can download today just by clicking on the ‘download’ link in this post where we’ll blast out to you the reference checking template we teach our members so you can use it straight away. It’s got all the questions you need to make sure you cover the bases. So get reference checking, use the template. I hope you find it really helpful and if you’ve got any comments or feedback about it, I’d love to hear those. Just pop them in the chat box below so we can see what you thought and if there’s any questions we can answer for you.

Hey guys, have a great day and happy hiring.


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