Want to get More Customers from your Website?

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Hey, guys, it’s Tony from Plumber’s Coach.

Look, if you’ve got a website and it’s not working like you want–maybe it’s getting less than 5 or 10 leads a month or if you’re thinking of building a website, I’m going to give you the #1 strategy you’ve got to get right. So stay tuned because this will be super helpful.

If you want to crush it with your online marketing and have a website that gets you 20, 30, 40 leads a month, having a direct and powerful call-to-action is the #1 strategy you’ve got to get right.

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Worried About Cash Flow?

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Hi guys, Tony from Plumbers Coach here.

If you find it busy in December but you are worried about January and February and the cash flow problems that can happen, then stay tuned.

Look I know that everyone’s flat out busy during December and are probably not thinking a lot about January and February but if you think back to last year maybe the year before or the year before that, you’ll remember that often in January and February the cash flow can get a bit tight. You’ve got the holiday pay, you got GST due, you’ve got PAYE, and you’ve got Prov tax that can really suck the life out of your cash flow not to mention some of your builders and your clients who go on holiday, forget about paying your bill. Perhaps instead of paying on the 20th of January they pay on the 20th of February and you’ve got to chase them up. And everyone is a bit slow because you got a couple of weeks off work so you’re not actually getting as much money coming to the business. Now here’s something that you really must do to make sure that you don’t get a nasty surprise at Christmas time.

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Know How Much You Can Afford To Pay Staff

Hi, guys, I want to share with you today a nugget about figuring out how much you should pay staff. So stay tuned. I’ve talked with some clients recently who are uncertain about what they should pay new staff and concerned that they were going to be paying them too much. I know they did pay them well to get them, but hey, how much is too much?

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The Pricing Mistake 93% Of Tradies Make

Hey guys, I’m going to share with you today the most important financial numbers
you need to know in your business… so stay tuned.

All right, back costing. Big topic, number one priority for you to get a handle on
in your plumbing business. So are you keeping track of the projects you do?
I’m not talking about the little projects like the small maintenance jobs.

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Do You Find Yourself Saying “There’s Never Enough Hours In The Day?”

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Hey team, If you find there’s never enough time in a day then stayed tuned because what
I’m going to share with you today will really help out.

Do you find out that you’re flat out busy? You’ve got grand intentions each week of
knocking off some projects, working on a price, or you’re looking to do some marketing
but it never happens?

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Too Busy? It’s A Question Of Priorities

Hey guys, I’ve just done a one-day training for 60 plumbers in Wellington, and we shared something that might be super-valuable for you. Look, if you find yourself really busy, constantly under the pump and not getting the stuff done that you know you’d like to or what would make you get ahead in your business, then this will help.

If you find yourself saying, “Hey, I’m too busy. I don’t have time,” think about how that language affects you. If it makes you feel out of control, a bit anxious, a bit stressed, that doesn’t actually help you get the job done. Look, the reality is: we’ve all got 24 hours a day in which to get the job done. Some of us are just using it better than others. Bill Gates has a bigger hourly rate compared to you and I. It’s really a question of choice.

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How To Avoid Hiring “MUPPETS”

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Hey guys, Tony from Plumber’s Coach here. If you find hiring staff and knowing whether you’ve made a good decision or not is tough, then stay tuned.

Look, a big challenge for a bunch of the members of our program and plumbers out there is how to get good guys. How do you know if the guys you’re hiring and you’re looking at are good, trustworthy, reliable or whether they are potentially a muppet or just a bad apple.

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Want To Get More Jobs Quickly? The 3 Secrets Of Email Marketing


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Hey guys, Tony from Plumbers Coach. Look if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to generate more work, stay tuned.

Look if you’ve got a bit of a lull in your deal flow, or if you want to get some more jobs quickly, then email marketing is a strategy that could really work for you. Now what you need to do is make sure you got a strong customer database, so all the clients you’ve got or the prospects or people you come into contact with, make sure you’ve got their email addresses. Now if you have, you can blast an email out to them using a CRM system really quickly.

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