Profitable Tradie Boot Camp

One Day Event – Profitable Tradie Bootcamp
Date and Time:  2nd September 2016 | 8:30am – 5:00pm
Where:  Intercontinental, Wellington.
Price to Attend: Regular – $497 + GSTEarly Bird – $197 + GST | NZPM & Trade point Members – $297 + GST (Plus bring a team member for FREE) | Profitable Tradie Clients – FREE

Get an exclusive opportunity to…

      • Gain expert knowledge from Industry Leaders.
      • Access information, education and resources to help you achieve better business results.
      • Be inspired by our successful guest speakers.
      • Rub shoulders with key industry experts and make trade business connections.

Profitable Tradie works with a range of companies across the industry such as merchants, software developers, NZPM etc, to bring the ‘cream of the crop’ to our Million Dollar Tradie members. We run four, 1 day Boot camps per year where we go in-depth into one area of running a business. We also allow for up to 5 other business owners who are keen to improve their business, to attend our Boot Camps.

If you are a proactive business owner who is keen to learn and improve your business then make sure you get your butt in the room for the next Profitable Tradie Boot Camp!!