Do You Find Yourself Saying “There’s Never Enough Hours In The Day?”

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Hey team, If you find there’s never enough time in a day then stayed tuned because what
I’m going to share with you today will really help out.

Do you find out that you’re flat out busy? You’ve got grand intentions each week of
knocking off some projects, working on a price, or you’re looking to do some marketing
but it never happens?

Well, the key thing that you’ve got to do is plan your time. Now, I know that sounds a
bit silly, but most people just turn up on the day and just do whatever comes to them.
It’s like fighting fires… It all sort of tumbles down on you and you just end up
getting to 5 o’clock, 7 o’clock, 10 o’clock or whatever it is and you really haven’t got
done what you wanted to do.

What you need to do is plan for your week. We call this a default diary. It’s a really
simple tool. You can download a copy of one on the blog post here. Just click and
download it. This allows you to block out your week and you can schedule in those
really important tasks like your pricing, marketing, dealing with staff, or hiring
people and make sure it gets done.

The default diary makes sure these important tasks get done. You can also schedule in
what times you’re going to talk to your clients and do your site visits and tell the
team that’s when you’re available and they can book you in on those times. So this is
an absolutely critical tool.

For all our coaching clients, we always go back to this. If they can’t get stuff done
as quickly as they want, go back to the default diary, schedule in the stuff and when
it needs to happen and you’ll find it really helpful… Download yours now!

If you’ve found this helpful, just share it with your friends on the social media and
if you’ve got any questions about how to put a default diary together, just put them
in the chat box below and I’ll see if I can help you out with those.

Alright team I’ll catch you again soon.


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