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“After systemising my business, putting staff procedures in place, and working ‘on’ my business instead of just ‘in’ it… I now have the freedom to take regular holidays and spend more time with my family “

Johnny Gardner- Inline Plumbing

Measure your Productivity

Have you ever recorded over two weeks what you spend your time on?  Without an accurate picture of what’s happening now you can’t make changes.  Most of our members are astounded at how much time they spend on the low value $20 an hour tasks such as administration.

Starting with the End in Mind

Would you start a project without a clear plan of the outcome?  Profitable Tradie members learn how to plan what their company will look like in 3 years’ time when the business is operating at its full potential.  Do you know what turnover you need, what profit you require, how many and what kind of staff and what type of work you’ll focus on?  One of best ways to stay focused is to have clear, written goals that you refer to daily.  Your goals act as an anchor and give you a strong “Why” when you find yourself getting side-tracked.

Create a Default Diary

Have you created not-negotiable blocks of time to work on the $200 an hour tasks such as pricing, marketing, sales, project management and improving your systems and team?  Without a structured plan for your time you run the risk of jumping from one crisis to the next.  Not a recipe for getting the best from the day.

Someone to Hold You Accountable

Do you try to keep things to on track and despite your hard work the same challenges and tasks stay on your to-do list?  Would an elite athlete expect to reach their potential without the feedback from their coaches and support team?  With the pace of change and competition in the trades industry an outsider’s perspective makes all the difference.  Whether that is a more experienced Tradesman or a specialist Trades Coach, you might survive but will you reach your potential?  An outsider will tell you the truth.  And as they say the truth will set you free!

Regular Action Plans

Have you created a list of the key challenges (not just on site) you want to knock off in the next 90 days?  What systems, marketing, financials and team improvements would have the biggest impact in the next 90 days?  90 days is an ideal timeframe as it give you long enough to complete but not too long to lose momentum.  Are you creating action plans for your key guys and support staff to drive change throughout your company?

See what others are saying

“Before I met Tony and joined the program I was working 18 hour days and only returning a 17% gross profit margin.  I been on board now for six months and in that time we’ve increased our profit margins to 35%, making more money and spending a whole lot more time off the tools.  Plus we’ve got our cash flow under control which is a massive weight off my mind.”

Damian MayOwner2e Electrical

“When we started on the program we were stressed and over worked. We have systemised our business quality assurance checklists, enquiry scripts and default diaries… We have put our prices up (without complaint) and our margins are growing. We have changed our mind-set and become more positive, organised and confident.”

Jo and Damian TebbuttOwnersTebbutt Plumbing

“Joining the Million Dollar Tradie program has been life changing for us.  We’ve gone from a small business with Graeme working on the tools to having a team of guys, new office systems and freeing up nights and weekends.  We are now pricing for the right margins and have increased our margins by over 30% which has made a huge difference to our cash flow and profits.  We now feel like business owners!  The future is very exciting.”

Graeme and Michelle HopkinsOwnersGroundcover Landscaping

“We went from feeling like ‘slaves to our business’… To taking a holiday, systemising the business, refocusing our team and increasing gross profit from 30% to 45%.  We’ve increased out net profit hugely over the last 12 months and the Million Dollar Tradie program has been invaluable.”

Chris CoopeyOwnerK10 Plumbing


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