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“Turnover had increased by 60% in the last 12 months, gross profit margins increased right across the board. The business isn’t in my head anymore, we have the systems in place now and working well. We have let go of the control and trust in our staff… We now have our lifestyle back!!!”

Tania and James Vinson- JT Plumbing


Is your website optimised to convert traffic?  Do you have separate landing pages for your different services?  Does your site speak to a quality service provider or look ‘a bit tired’?  A website will also improve the effectiveness of your other marketing and sales activities.  If you don’t have a website, do you know where to start to get a profitable website up and running?

Google Ad Words

Are you using Google Ad Words to drive traffic to your website?  Do you know down to the dollar how much your leads are costing you and what your return on investment is?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Do you have a strategy to improve your organic search rankings on Google?  Are you targeting the right key words and driving traffic to landing pages on your website?  The top four google listings get 78% of the traffic.  Are you in the top four?

Customer Database

Are you building a database of all your clients and regularly contacting them with special offers via email and post?  Do you have a system for driving servicing work after your installation work (e.g. gas servicing, HVAC equipment, water treatments etc)?

Direct Mail

Are you targeting your key business-to-business clients with direct mail?  High average sale and repeat clients such as builders, property managers, bathroom & kitchen suppliers can form a key part of growing your business.

Unique Selling Proposition & Guarantee

Have you created a ‘point of difference’ for your business?  Do you have a guarantee to stand behind your work?  Without a clear point of difference you run the risk of competing on price.

Marketing 10 x 10

Are you relying on one or two ways to get work?  Have you created a marketing plan (Marketing 10 x 10) where you test and measure ten marketing strategies that you can rely on to generate the work flow your business requires?


Do you have vehicle, site and building signage that communicates your Unique Selling Proposition and that has a clear call to action?

See what others are saying

“Before joining the program we were the classic plumbing business.  We had 10 odd tradesmen and an office team but we were running around busy, hectic and not really sure whether we were making money.  We’ve now got our numbers sorted out and our margins and profits are improving massively.  Our labour utilisation was killing us at around 70% and now we’re hitting around 90%.  We’ve also got our website, ad words and No Cow Boys up an running.  We are getting around 60 leads a month and 30 to 35 jobs.  I’m still amazed at how well it all works.”

Peter CarterOwnerJT Carter Plumbers

“We wanted to grow our business but had that nagging doubt about what would happen if we took on more tradesmen and then the work dried up.  Through working with Profitable Tradie had been brilliant.  We’ve revised our website, got our Ad Words pumping, started using our email database and working with joint venture partners such as Kitchen providers.  We’ve generated a heap of new work and now need to get more tradesmen to keep up.  The website is getting 30 odd jobs a month and improving all the time.  And we’ve also improved our quote conversion through putting a follow up system in place.  It’s a great feeling knowing you can get work when you need it.”

Luke and Ali HughesOwnersLA Hughes Plumbing and Gas

“Joining the Million Dollar Tradie program has been life changing for us.  We’ve gone from a small business with Graeme working on the tools to having a team of guys, new office systems and freeing up nights and weekends.  We are now pricing for the right margins and have increased our margins by over 30% which has made a huge difference to our cash flow and profits.  We now feel like business owners!  The future is very exciting.”

Graeme and Michelle HopkinsOwnersGroundcover Landscaping

“We went from feeling like ‘slaves to our business’… To taking a holiday, systemising the business, refocusing our team and increasing gross profit from 30% to 45%.  We’ve increased out net profit hugely over the last 12 months and the Million Dollar Tradie program has been invaluable.”

Chris CoopeyOwnerK10 Plumbing


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