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“I used to be at the mercy of the customer, I used to price to get the jobs. Now I’m all about my margins and I know if I keep a strong margin the rest of my business can work off that. Staff members are also more organised, we have a checklist for new homes, pre-wire check, sign off checklist and final check list and because of the I can take time off to spend with my family without worrying about the business”

Brad Martin- Leading Edge Electrical

Enquiry Scripts

Do you have a script for answering the phone to ensure a great first impression, that all the correct information is gathered and stored and that your potential clients are qualified on their ability to pay?

Quote Request Form

Do you use a standard template with all the key questions for gathering information when you visit a potential client so that creating your quotes is a quick and simple process?


Have you included testimonials in both written and video form from satisfied clients to provide “social proof” of your service levels?  When you talk about your service clients see it as sales.  When clients listen to testimonials the credibility factor is higher.

Onsite Inspection Checklist

Do you have a system to check all the fixtures and fittings onsite so you can identify opportunities for more work on each job?  Adding a few hundred dollars to the sale will result in thousands (and in some cases) hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra sales.

Company Profile

Do you have a company profile you can give to clients and prospective clients when they enquire?  Having a company profile will enable you to position yourself as professional, an expert in your niche and create a point of difference.

Follow Up Scripts

Do you have scripts to follow up your quotes and create scarcity and urgency in the script to encourage your prospects to book their job in now?  A follow up process can boost your conversion rates by up to 27%.

Price Book

Do you have a price book for retail clients so you can give a price on the spot and complete the job then and there?  Are you using ‘pre-builts’ for your larger quotes to speed the pricing process meaning your builders are more likely to accept your quote?

Servicing Process

Do you have a process for servicing the installation work you have previously completed?  Gas appliances, chimneys, heating and ventilation systems and water filters among others  all require servicing.  Without a database and follow up system you miss out on sales and the opportunity to visit your clients and help then with other work they may need doing.

See what others are saying

“Before I met Tony and joined the program I was working 18 hour days and only returning a 17% gross profit margin.  I been on board now for six months and in that time we’ve increased our profit margins to 35%, making more money and spending a whole lot more time off the tools.  Plus we’ve got our cash flow under control which is a massive weight off my mind.”

Damian MayOwner2e Electrical

“When we started on the program we were stressed and over worked. We have systemised our business quality assurance checklists, enquiry scripts and default diaries… We have put our prices up (without complaint) and our margins are growing. We have changed our mind-set and become more positive, organised and confident.”

Jo and Damian TebbuttOwnersTebbutt Plumbing

“In 4 months we’ve collected over $90,000 outstanding debts and improved our sales process so that we always take a 50% deposit for any decent sized jobs.  This has meant we know that the client is in a position to pay.  We’ve hired 2 Plumbers and an Admin Person and improved our profits by $11,800 per month through pricing for the right margins and back costing our jobs.  I’ve also had more time to work on getting more jobs through our bigger clients and we’ve won several large contracts that I didn’t have time to follow up before.”

Nigel NeustroskiOwner

We were struggling with growing our business and keeping on top of everything as we had very few systems or marketing other than word of mouth.  Through working with Profitable Tradie we’re pricing for the right margins and checking all our jobs which has seen our margins grow by 25%.  We’ve got our website and on-line marketing working, using our customer database and have a clear marketing plan.  Plus we’ve improved our hit rate with quotes through using the Profitable Tradie sales and follow up process.  Life is much more enjoyable, team is more organised, the invoicing system is all electronic, don’t have to do late nights anymore.  I find the program massively helpful for staying focused and looking at the business from a different point of view!

Alan GellertOwnerAce Electrical


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