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“Turnover had increased by 60% in the last 12 months, gross profit margins increased right across the board. The business isn’t in my head anymore, we have the systems in place now and working well. We have let go of the control and trust in our staff… We now have our lifestyle back!!!”

Tania and James Vinson- JT Plumbing

A-Z Operations

Have you recorded all the tasks required to operate your Plumbing or Electrical business so your team is clear on what needs to happen? Take the top 20% of these tasks and ensure you have clear written checklists so you can guarantee quality service to your clients. For instance, have you got a clear process for ordering materials from your merchant or for maintaining stock levels?

Job Management Software

Do you have a job management system that allows your team to enter their times onsite, that interfaces with your suppliers and makes your invoicing process streamlined?  Can you schedule jobs, notifying your tradesmen in real time and track stock and onsite assets?  Are your vehicles equipped with a GPS to keep everyone accountable?

Pre-Job Checklists

Do you have a checklist to ensure that everything is ready for your jobs?  Wasting time with builders and other clients who are disorganised will cost you thousands of dollars in lost productivity and multiple trips to site.

Administration Manual

Have you recorded all the key office tasks in a manual with “how to” instructions and videos so your office team can operate productivity?  What would happen if a key office person left?  Could a new person read the manual and hit the ground running?


For all repetitive tasks such emails, phone calls and quote forms etc. have you created a standard format template (or script) that ensures things are done the right way each time and saves your operation hours in repeat work?

Quality Assurance Checklists

Do you have checklist for each job from start to finish so your Tradesmen don’t forget anything and you don’t have to check everything on site yourself?

See what others are saying

“Before I met Tony and joined the program I was working 18 hour days and only returning a 17% gross profit margin.  I been on board now for six months and in that time we’ve increased our profit margins to 35%, making more money and spending a whole lot more time off the tools.  Plus we’ve got our cash flow under control which is a massive weight off my mind.”

Damian MayOwner2e Electrical

“When we started on the program we were stressed and over worked. We have systemised our business quality assurance checklists, enquiry scripts and default diaries… We have put our prices up (without complaint) and our margins are growing. We have changed our mind-set and become more positive, organised and confident.”

Jo and Damian TebbuttOwnersTebbutt Plumbing

“Joining the Million Dollar Tradie program has been life changing for us.  We’ve gone from a small business with Graeme working on the tools to having a team of guys, new office systems and freeing up nights and weekends.  We are now pricing for the right margins and have increased our margins by over 30% which has made a huge difference to our cash flow and profits.  We now feel like business owners!  The future is very exciting.”

Graeme and Michelle HopkinsOwnersGroundcover Landscaping

“We went from feeling like ‘slaves to our business’… To taking a holiday, systemising the business, refocusing our team and increasing gross profit from 30% to 45%.  We’ve increased out net profit hugely over the last 12 months and the Million Dollar Tradie program has been invaluable.”

Chris CoopeyOwnerK10 Plumbing


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