Are You Paying Enough To Get Good Tradesmen?



Hey guys, Tony from Profitable Tradie. I want to talk about hiring today and one of the key reasons why you might actually be struggling to hire.

So are you like a lot of Plumbers and Electricians out there who are desperate to hire some good tradespeople but you are just finding it hard to get the right people?

Well I am going to start with a story actually, it’s about the property market and an experience that my wife Bronwyn and I have had over the last, sort of, 12-18 months.

Now we have been looking for a new house, we have got three young boys, we need some more space and we have tried to buy three or four times and each time we just haven’t been paying enough, we’ve missed out and the prices that have been paid, have been quite a lot more than we thought we needed to pay.

Now, the same thing’s happening in the market for tradespeople, for qualified Plumbers and Electricians. What you used to pay just doesn’t cut it anymore and if you are thinking about hiring and you’re not getting any bites, well you probably need to look at what you’re offering; because the market is competitive and you really need to be paying top dollar to get the right people.

And here is the other thing to think about, I know it is scary to pay more, but if you get a tradesperson how much extra money are they actually going to make you? Now the potential is, if your margins are where they should be, you could get $80-100K worth of gross profit out of each tradesperson.

Now if you need to pay $4-5k more to get to them does it make sense? Well of course it does, you’re still going to be up, you’re still going to be ahead of the game, even though you’re paying a bit more.

And the other side of the coin is, because there’s a lot of demand out there for services, it’s time for us to actually increase our rates, get our margins up as well so we can take our cut and pass it on to our team members as well.

So guys lesson for today and my thought is this, look, the industry is booming in most parts, there is a lot of demand for tradespeople and what you need to pay has really moved on; so if you are not getting the results you want, look at what you’re offering and super-size it! And then we’re going to make sure we pass it on through our clients.

Hope this is helpful guys, happy hiring and I look forward to talking to you again next time.



Are You Pricing To Make Profit, Or Just To Win The Work?


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You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know


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Hi guys. Have you ever heard the phrase “You don’t know what you don’t know”?


Tony from Profitable Tradie here and I want to tell you a little bit about one of the key lessons I have learned in business, both with our own businesses and coaching plumbers, electricians, drainers and guest fitters for the last eight years. And it is all about not knowing what you don’t know. So stay tuned.

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How To Create A High Performing Team?


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Hey guys, Tony from Plumbers Coach here.

Are you finding that your team are not behaving the way you want, are not performing?  Maybe the attitude is not quite what you want it to be. I’m going to share something with you today that will really help.

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Are You Frustrated With Rework & Call Backs?

Hey guys, this is Tony from Plumbers Coach here. Look, do you have lots of reworks and call backs on site, you find that your guys make the same mistakes over and over again and it’s really frustrating and doing your head in?

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Are You Relying On Just One Marketing Strategy?


Hey guys, this is Tony from Profitable Tradie here.

I’m going to share with you today why the number one is the worst number when it comes to marketing your business.

So guys, here’s what I have learnt from experience while coaching hundreds of trade businesses over the last seven and a half years.  What I found is that if you don’t have a proactive plan for marketing your business, you’re at the mercy of waiting for the phone to ring or just hoping that the phone rings through referrals and word of mouth.

And frankly, that’s not a great strategy when you want to grow your business, you want to have predictable and profitable deal flows.

So I’m going to tell you a quick story. I just had lunch with a maintenance and insurance agent, he’s really successful, but he told me, “Look Tony I have got a mortgage broker in my office, I sit next to him and 70% of my deals actually come through the mortgage broker. And look, if he leaves I am in the cark and my deal flow just dries up.

So have you got a similar challenge in your business? Do you rely on word of mouth or perhaps you’ve got an old Yellow Pages ad, or you’ve got a few builders that you work for, who just continually give you leads?  If that is the case then you’ve potentially got a problem. If you are relying on one marketing strategy that can go lame, which leaves you without a good deal flow.

So what you want to do is this, you want to create what we call a marketing ten by ten. Now what that means is, I don’t know one way to get you a hundred leads, but we can build ten marketing strategies, ten marketing strategies to give you ten leads each a month.

The way it works is we work on each strategy, build the system for that strategy so that we know that it works, we test and measure it and then we add another strategy and then another and then another. So what we’re doing is building a multilayered approach to getting leads.

Now, when you’ve got a number of the strategies, up to ten, then you can be really confident that you’ve got predictable, profitable deal flow that you can rely on to grow your business. And we all know that if you have got predictable and reliable deal flow, then you feel confident about investing in your business, hiring new staff, getting new equipment, taking some time off to relax and enjoy things because your business has got to that vital life blood of new clients coming in.

So what are some of the strategies you should have in place? Well, you should definitely have a website, you need your online marketing, you AdWords and your search engine optimization. You definitely need a customer database, you need to be doing some e-mail marketing, you need to be looking at your social media, your print media, your direct mail, your customer farming strategy, your up selling on your plumbing inspection strategy and using your servicing work to target the clients that you already done work for that need servicing work like gas fitting or water treatment, etc.

So key lesson today guys is, have you got a marketing ten by ten? Or are you just relying on one or two strategies to get you by? If you are let’s work out on putting a ten by ten in place so you’ve got consistent , predictable deal flow, you can relax and know that the work’s going to keep coming in and you can keep tweaking each one of those strategies to get more and better results.

So, tip for today, guys, get the marketing team by team sorted and then start working through each one of those strategies to build that deal flow.

Hope you found this helpful guys and I look for to talking to you again soon.

Are You Struggling To Make Time To Work On Your Business?

Hey guys, Tony from Plumbers Coach.

Look, a couple of days ago we finished a one day training for our million-dollar plumber clients and there was a massive lesson there that was really helpful for you to grow your business, so stay tuned.

Now if you’re like a lot of the plumbers and tradies that we work with, you’ll be flat-out busy and from time to time you are going to struggle to actually make the changes you want to in your business because you just don’t have enough time.

Now Tracy and Mike from Plumbworx  in Auckland, they’re on there million-dollar tradie program and I was talking to them at the training day and Tracy shared something which was absolutely golden. Now she has been working hard to try and systemise her business and get it all running properly, so that then she could employ someone to help her run the business.

She had this massive realization that was this blinding flash of the obvious, and it was this.  Hey, I have been trying to systemize this business for three or four years but I haven’t gotten around to it yet because I don’t have the time. She’s realized that I have to get some help in the office, I have to get some more help in the office so I can systemize it and then the business will run properly.

So business is a bit back to front sometimes, you always have to invest first before you get the results. So, what have you been struggling to do in your business? Have you been struggling to get your marketing up to scratch? Or get on top of your numbers or build some pricing templates?  Perhaps get your team meetings running well or do your performance appraisals.

Whatever it is that you are struggling to do, have you got enough help? Have you got the right resources in your office and in your business to make it happen? If you haven’t, well that’s where you need to look first so you can actually create the business that you want, build a lifestyle that you want and just have more fun.

So I hope you found this helpful guys. If you have, just chuck some comments in the chatbox or any questions you have I would love to answer them and I look forward to seeing you guys again next time.


Want to get More Customers from your Website?

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Hey, guys, it’s Tony from Plumber’s Coach.

Look, if you’ve got a website and it’s not working like you want–maybe it’s getting less than 5 or 10 leads a month or if you’re thinking of building a website, I’m going to give you the #1 strategy you’ve got to get right. So stay tuned because this will be super helpful.

If you want to crush it with your online marketing and have a website that gets you 20, 30, 40 leads a month, having a direct and powerful call-to-action is the #1 strategy you’ve got to get right.

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