How To Create A High Performing Team?


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Hey guys, Tony from Plumbers Coach here.

Are you finding that your team are not behaving the way you want, are not performing?  Maybe the attitude is not quite what you want it to be. I’m going to share something with you today that will really help.

Now creating a high-performing team is all about getting the right culture.  And here’s something people don’t understand about culture. Now most people think that if your guys are happy, you make them happy, look after them well, that’s going to make them productive.

Well actually the research doesn’t show that.  What the research shows is that productive guys or productive employees are happy.  So what you want to do is create a work culture that allows your guys to be well organized, gives them the tools and the systems that they need to be productive and that will make them happy and enjoy their work.

So there’s lots of strategies you can use to help with this.  Now one, have you got job descriptions for you guys so that they know what their job’s about?  Are you doing regular performance appraisals, so you are giving them good feedback? Do you have a team incentive program so you reward the guys after good effort? And, are you doing a regular team meeting and having some social events to build the relationships and have lots of fun in your business?

Now there’s one key strategy that I do want to share with you today and it’s called your team rules of the game.  Another way of looking at it is your code of conduct. Now the way to understand your team rules of the game is to think like the professional sports team.

Now a very famous team, the All Blacks, they have a very strong culture and it’s governed by their team code.  And that team code outlines what behaviours are expected, what behaviours is acceptable and what behaviour is not acceptable and it’s designed to make sure that everyone is in top shape after the game on the weekend.  Same in your business.

Now the key to having the team rules of the game is that you have got them written down and that they are signed off by all your team members so everyone is clear on what’s expected. Once it’s written down, then it happens much better than you just continually telling the guys what you expect.

Now your team rules of the game they form a part of your contracts, a part of your induction program and you need to include them in your vans and your operations manual, sort of front and center and they can be reviewed often.

Now lastly it helps massively if you want to get your team involved in the process of actually creating the rules. So that way, they’re going to contribute to it, they are going to buy in and you get much better results and much better adherence to those rules.

So here’s some things that you can include.  Now you can include things as simple as what are your work hours and that you expect the guys to be ready for the start of play ten minutes before. Things like all timesheets must be completed prior to leaving the job. No swearing on site, that’s another good one.  Clean up all your rubbish including your lunch rubbish and make sure that you have got clean and tidy company uniform on and it’s to be worn at all times.

Now guys, as with anything, the key to success is how you implement and the consequences. So you have to call the guys and yourself actually just as importantly when you don’t come up to standard. And also, it’s absolutely critical that you actually catch guys when they’re doing a great job living out the rules of the game, that is going to help enforce that culture in the code much more than when you call them on when it’s not going so well.

Now guys we’ve got an example of some rules in the game which you can use to get a quick start. So all you need to do is just to pop your details in and you can download that team play and I will shoot it straight at you so you can use that, make some changes so it suits your operation.

Click here to Get your Rules of the Game Template

So guys, get your team rules of the game, get them down on paper, it’s going to help heaps in creating a really productive work environment which will help you help the business make some more money and give you a bit of head space for what’s happening.

So if you got any questions guys or any comments, just please leave them in the check box below. I would love to hear them, anything we can help with. Good to see you again guys and we’ll catch you again next time.


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