Are You Relying On Just One Marketing Strategy?


Hey guys, this is Tony from Profitable Tradie here.

I’m going to share with you today why the number one is the worst number when it comes to marketing your business.

So guys, here’s what I have learnt from experience while coaching hundreds of trade businesses over the last seven and a half years.  What I found is that if you don’t have a proactive plan for marketing your business, you’re at the mercy of waiting for the phone to ring or just hoping that the phone rings through referrals and word of mouth.

And frankly, that’s not a great strategy when you want to grow your business, you want to have predictable and profitable deal flows.

So I’m going to tell you a quick story. I just had lunch with a maintenance and insurance agent, he’s really successful, but he told me, “Look Tony I have got a mortgage broker in my office, I sit next to him and 70% of my deals actually come through the mortgage broker. And look, if he leaves I am in the cark and my deal flow just dries up.

So have you got a similar challenge in your business? Do you rely on word of mouth or perhaps you’ve got an old Yellow Pages ad, or you’ve got a few builders that you work for, who just continually give you leads?  If that is the case then you’ve potentially got a problem. If you are relying on one marketing strategy that can go lame, which leaves you without a good deal flow.

So what you want to do is this, you want to create what we call a marketing ten by ten. Now what that means is, I don’t know one way to get you a hundred leads, but we can build ten marketing strategies, ten marketing strategies to give you ten leads each a month.

The way it works is we work on each strategy, build the system for that strategy so that we know that it works, we test and measure it and then we add another strategy and then another and then another. So what we’re doing is building a multilayered approach to getting leads.

Now, when you’ve got a number of the strategies, up to ten, then you can be really confident that you’ve got predictable, profitable deal flow that you can rely on to grow your business. And we all know that if you have got predictable and reliable deal flow, then you feel confident about investing in your business, hiring new staff, getting new equipment, taking some time off to relax and enjoy things because your business has got to that vital life blood of new clients coming in.

So what are some of the strategies you should have in place? Well, you should definitely have a website, you need your online marketing, you AdWords and your search engine optimization. You definitely need a customer database, you need to be doing some e-mail marketing, you need to be looking at your social media, your print media, your direct mail, your customer farming strategy, your up selling on your plumbing inspection strategy and using your servicing work to target the clients that you already done work for that need servicing work like gas fitting or water treatment, etc.

So key lesson today guys is, have you got a marketing ten by ten? Or are you just relying on one or two strategies to get you by? If you are let’s work out on putting a ten by ten in place so you’ve got consistent , predictable deal flow, you can relax and know that the work’s going to keep coming in and you can keep tweaking each one of those strategies to get more and better results.

So, tip for today, guys, get the marketing team by team sorted and then start working through each one of those strategies to build that deal flow.

Hope you found this helpful guys and I look for to talking to you again soon.

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