Are You Struggling To Make Time To Work On Your Business?

Hey guys, Tony from Plumbers Coach.

Look, a couple of days ago we finished a one day training for our million-dollar plumber clients and there was a massive lesson there that was really helpful for you to grow your business, so stay tuned.

Now if you’re like a lot of the plumbers and tradies that we work with, you’ll be flat-out busy and from time to time you are going to struggle to actually make the changes you want to in your business because you just don’t have enough time.

Now Tracy and Mike from Plumbworx  in Auckland, they’re on there million-dollar tradie program and I was talking to them at the training day and Tracy shared something which was absolutely golden. Now she has been working hard to try and systemise her business and get it all running properly, so that then she could employ someone to help her run the business.

She had this massive realization that was this blinding flash of the obvious, and it was this.  Hey, I have been trying to systemize this business for three or four years but I haven’t gotten around to it yet because I don’t have the time. She’s realized that I have to get some help in the office, I have to get some more help in the office so I can systemize it and then the business will run properly.

So business is a bit back to front sometimes, you always have to invest first before you get the results. So, what have you been struggling to do in your business? Have you been struggling to get your marketing up to scratch? Or get on top of your numbers or build some pricing templates?  Perhaps get your team meetings running well or do your performance appraisals.

Whatever it is that you are struggling to do, have you got enough help? Have you got the right resources in your office and in your business to make it happen? If you haven’t, well that’s where you need to look first so you can actually create the business that you want, build a lifestyle that you want and just have more fun.

So I hope you found this helpful guys. If you have, just chuck some comments in the chatbox or any questions you have I would love to answer them and I look forward to seeing you guys again next time.


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