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Hey, guys, it’s Tony from Plumber’s Coach.

Look, if you’ve got a website and it’s not working like you want–maybe it’s getting less than 5 or 10 leads a month or if you’re thinking of building a website, I’m going to give you the #1 strategy you’ve got to get right. So stay tuned because this will be super helpful.

If you want to crush it with your online marketing and have a website that gets you 20, 30, 40 leads a month, having a direct and powerful call-to-action is the #1 strategy you’ve got to get right.

Now, when people come to your website, often they just want to get in contact with you. They want to know how to find you or email you to get their problem solved straight away, so we’re going to make that really easy for them. Now, at the top right-hand side of your webpage or your homepage, you need your call to action. You need to tell them exactly who to find and you need to tell them how to email them. Have the form right there on the right top side because that’s right where the eye tracks first on. So make sure all of that contact information is above the fold. Don’t bury it deep in your website on the contact page or 3 or 4 clicks down on the homepage.

Also, if you’ve got a mobile site, make sure that you do have a mobile site and that your ‘call button’ is at the top. That’ll dramatically increase your response rate. There are a couple of other tricks that help with the call-to-action:

Number one is having an arrow that points to the call-to-action, and that’ll increase your response rate up to 12%. Also, if you’ve got some images of people and they’re looking at the call-to-action again, that can give you up to a 6% increase in the conversions of your website.

Now, this stuff’s really powerful. James and Tania from JT Plumbing were getting 1 or 2 leads a month from their website. Readers on their site with a strong call-to-action right at the top right-hand side, now they’re getting 25 to 30 predictable leads every month, which is absolutely massive if you’re looking to grow your plumbing business.

I’ve got a great download for you guys today. It’s called the 23 tips to get the best out of your website. All you’ve got to do is drop your details in, and we’ll shoot that straight at you. You’ll find that really helpful.

Click here to Download the 23 Tips to a successful website

Now, if you’ve got any comments or questions, just pop them in the chat box below. I’d love to help you out with those, and I look forward to chatting with you again next time.


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