Want To Get More Jobs Quickly? The 3 Secrets Of Email Marketing


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Hey guys, Tony from Plumbers Coach. Look if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to generate more work, stay tuned.

Look if you’ve got a bit of a lull in your deal flow, or if you want to get some more jobs quickly, then email marketing is a strategy that could really work for you. Now what you need to do is make sure you got a strong customer database, so all the clients you’ve got or the prospects or people you come into contact with, make sure you’ve got their email addresses. Now if you have, you can blast an email out to them using a CRM system really quickly.

There’s some key elements you’ve gotta have in your email message though for it to work. Now number one: you’ve gotta have a really good, catchy subject line. Now only thirty percent of emails actually get opened, so if the subject line’s not up to scratch, it’s not gonna get opened.

Next thing is you gotta have a reason why you’re sending an email. So it’s gotta be believable and make sense to your clients.

And thirdly, you’ve gotta have a good, strong offer that really motivates them to take action. Have some scarcity and urgency around the offer, so limit it to seven people or have a deadline on it so it forces people to make, or take action right now.

Now one of our clients in the Million Dollar Plumber program, Peter and Sonya, recently, a bit short of work, they blasted an email out and generated ten jobs within two hours just from their email database. So this could work for you as well.

Now, we’ve got a special treat for you today. You can download an example of an email that our clients of our Million Dollar Plumber program use that’s been proven and tested to work, so you can version this for your business. Have a crack at it. It’s a really, really helpful way of getting some quick work.

Hey I hope you guys have found this helpful. If you have, love to hear some comments in the chat box below. Any questions you’ve got, just blast them off to us, and be happy to help.

Have a great day guys.

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