Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

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Hey guys Tony from Profitable Tradie. If you are wondering about your website, you have heard and all this talk about making sure that it is mobile responsive, then this quick blog is going to be super helpful, so stay tuned.

So, the world of internet marketing and websites and marketing in general is a brave new world, it is really changing quickly and that is mainly because of the mobile platform.

Now 50% or more of traffic is viewed on mobile sites these days and it is increasing all the time. So, it is absolutely critical that your website is mobile responsive.

Now at Profitable Tradie we build websites specifically for Plumbers and Electricians and we spend a lot of time making sure that these websites are mobile responsive. And it is not necessarily an easy thing to do, you have actually got to put a fair bit of work in it to make sure that the website looks right on a large screen, on tablet and on your smart phone. On your iPhone if you have got class, or your inferior android if you don’t; we won’t hold that against you.

So, I am here at Matt’s desk. I have kicked him out and I am going to show you what we do to make sure that the websites are actually mobile responsive, because it is probably one of the number one or number two things that is important get right with your website.

So, on the screen you can see that we have got a website, this is one we have just recently released,, you can check it out if you want, it is a good authority website, it has got a really good content on it.

So, at the moment you can see that it is displaying at its full size and we’ve got this cool little program which we can use to check out how it looks on other sizes. So, if we click on this button here, that shows us how the website will look on a small tablet. And you can see that it still works, it has got the “Call” button up the top there, it has got the right headline so it all really still makes sense, if you like.

And then we can check it out on an iPhone for the mobile phones. Again, it resizes nicely and we can see that it actually works. It has got the “Click to call” button right at the top so if you just click on that button on your phone it will allow you to call straight away.

And it has got a good head line and right down the bottom on the left hand side you see the green button, that’s another “Click to call” button.

So, it is really important that it all works and you have got to make sure that your web designers are across that. That the website doesn’t have any sort of ugly blemishes when it goes to mobile, because that can certainly happen and that is going to damage your conversion rates.

And also, what’s going to happen if it is not really mobile responsive, Google is going to punish you, they are not going to put your website near the top of the list because they like it to be mobile responsive and give your clients a really good result.


So, as I said, we are building websites for Plumbers and Electricians, it’s an absolutely critical part of your marketing strategy, it sits right at the middle. So, I have got a guide that I am going to make available to you today, it is “The 23 points to build a kick ass website that sells.”

And you can get a copy of that just by putting your details on the page and we will blast it straight out to you, which I think you would find super helpful and it talks about the mobile responsiveness being important, but a bunch of other elements that are super important to get your website performing well.

So, I hope you find that helpful guys, happy website-ing and we will talk to you again next time.

Click here to download your free resourse on How to Build a Kick-Arse Website that Sells

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